If anyone wants to ruin their day and get depressed over marissa cooper and js’ terrible decisions, then I recommend: 


I only wanna talk to Felix.

It’s definitively weird. Call the support, they are really helpful and is if it’s something easy to fix and you save a trip to the store.

Thanks for the suggestion. I actually just got off the phone with support. We did some checks and everything was basically fine. They said it was weird but nothing is noticeably or very obviously wrong so idk

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it is unusual! it shouldn’t be freezing, i’d take it to an apple store if that’s an option and have them check it out!

Thanks, I might do that. 

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Any Macbook users…so I recently got a Macbook Pro, roughly 3 weeks ago and it’s freezed up twice. In each case I ended up having to force shut down (it worked fine after that). If this was Windows I wouldn’t have been bothered but I thought Macs very rarely acted up? And especially with it being so new…is this a non-issue or actually unusual?

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Most of the time…


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oh man, poor jen

sitting pretty on the throne;
there’s nothing more i want, except to be alone.
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